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Chapter 2:   Installing

To install, copy the file dvii (or, in the DOS/Windows environment, the file dvii.exe) to a directory in your PATH.

To uninstall, remove the file dvii from wherever you put it.

2.1   Where to get executables

You will find several executables at the dvii home page. Currently, there are executables for the MS-DOS, Windows 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP, Linux, and Solaris (Sparc and Intel) platforms. Please let me know of any that do not work.

After you download the executable, you need to rename the file to dvii.exe (under DOS or Windows), or dvii (under Unix), and place it somewhere in your PATH.

2.2   Where to get the source code

dvii is written in portable C code whose source is a single file named dvii.c. It should compile on any system with an ANSI C compiler. To get the source file, go to the dvii home page.

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