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Chapter 5:   Fonts

Internally, TeX refers to each font via a font number. Each font number corresponds to an external font name and a scaling factor. For example, the file test.dvi calls upon 3 fonts: fonts 0, 23, and 50. In this case, font 0 refers to a font named cmr10 scaled at magnification 1000.

dvii outputs font information in the following format:
The n refers to the font number (e.g., 0), filename refers to the external file name (e.g., cmr10), scale refers to the scaling factor (e.g., 1000), and checksum to the checksum of the font's TFM file (e.g., 4bf16079).

Here are the fonts in test.dvi as displayed by dvii:
dvii -f test

Note that TeX views two fonts with the same external fontname but with different scaling factors as different fonts.

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