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Appendix B:   Source files

Here is the source for test.tex:

% test.tex
% Test file for dvii (last changed: 5 December 1999)
% A blank page

This is page 2/2.

This is page 3/3 with a short special. Also, a rule. \vrule width1cm
depth1cm height 1cm\relax
\special{A short special}

This is page 4/4 with a {\bf long} special. Note the control
character; this is meant to confuse dvii when it cuts of the long
special text. 
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.%

This is page 5/5 with 5 specials. 
\special{PSfile 1.eps}
\special{PSfile 2.eps}
\special{PSfile 3.EPS}
\special{PSfile dog1.gif}
\special{PSfile cat.eps}

\pageno = -1
\font\a=cmr10 scaled 1200 
{\a This is page 6/-1 with font cmr10 scaled 1200.}

\pageno = -3
This page has a special with control characters. (Oooh!)
\special{Some control characters: []}
Followed by several blank pages. 


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