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It sometimes becomes necessary to know which support files (style files, fonts, figure files, etc.) a tex project uses. If the project is large, it may not be easy to figure this out manually. If LaTeX users want to display all the source files loaded by their document they can use the snaphsot.sty package. But what can plain TeX users use? And what if you want not only want TeX source files but also the font files need to create the PostScript or PDF (in the case of pdftex) files?

My solution to this is texfiles.pl, a freely available Perl script that lists all files used in the creation of the .dvi and PostScript/PDF output of a TeX file. It can also automatically create an archive (.ZIP or .tar.gz) of the files used in the project.

For a sample of texfiles.pl sample output page.

Currently, texfiles.pl will work with MiKTeX (on Windows) and teTeX (on Unix). If there is interest, I will be happy to add support for other platforms.

Please send me feedback on this utility and any changes that would make it more useful, or work on more platforms. I want to make texfiles.pl as robust, useful, and portable as possible.

What's New

7 February 2002 Version 0.04 adds archiving.

23 December 2001 Initial version.


The current version of texfiles.pl is "0.04 (7 February 2002)".


Put the file texfiles.pl somewhere in your PATH. You may have to change a few of the definitions at the top of the file. You must also have the utility grep installed on your system. If you are on a Unix or Linux system, then you probably already have it. If you use Windows, here is a copy of grep you can use for free.

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