DVII (TeX DVI file Information utility)

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dvii is a free utility that extracts information from a TeX dvi file. Information displayed can include a summary:

as well as more detailed information:

For a sample of dvii's output, see the sample output page.

Note that dvii does not alter the dvi file in any way, or create or modify any other files on your system; it is a 'read only' utility.

Furthermore, installing dvii consists of copying a single executable. Removing it means simply removing that single executable. No uninstall program needed! If you do not find an executable at this site for your platform, dvii is written in portable C so you can download the source and compile it yourself.

Design Goals

This utility is designed with the following goals in mind:

In light of these goals, I encourage all those who use it to send me bug reports, and/or comments and suggestions on how it can be improved. In particular, I am interested on making this program compile on as many different platforms as possible, so if you have compiling problems, please let me know.

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What's New

18 April 2007 Fixed problem with links in the Perl scripts section.

4 January 2005 Updated information in section Executables section below for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

15 May 2003 Added information about Adobe Acrobat's Document compare feature which performs the same sort of function as changes.pl; see the perl scripts section below for more information.

19 April 2003 Added a link to 2002 TUGboat article on dvii.

1 December 2002 Added binaries for Macintosh OSX (donated by Art Werschulz) and OpenBSD (Intel) (donated by Timothy Eyre).

17 August 2002 Page change utility (changes.pl). Tells you on which pages two dvi files differ. See the Perl script section. Updated user manual. Also made the cygwin DLL available for download directly from this site.

2 May 2002 Version 0.44. Added the -P option to suppress the display of physical pages, as well as an additional ignore option when calculating per-page checksums. Updated user manual.

18 December 2001 Fixed some small bugs in the font difference utility (fontdiff.pl) and added documentation for the Perl scripts to the dvii user manual.

23 September 2001 Font difference utility (fontdiff.pl). Tells you how two dvi files differ relative to fonts. See the Perl script section.

25 March 2001 Version 0.41. Small internal changes.

25 February 2001 Version 0.40. First version with fonts per page feature.

25 January 2001 Version 0.32. Changed output format of font checksum to pad checksums that are fewer than 8 characters.

26 April 2000 Version 0.31. Fixed nasty bug causing parsing problems; please upgrade to this version!

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Executables and source code

The current version of dvii is "0.44 (02 May 2002)".

Source code

You can download the file dvii.c; here is the README file which gives more information on compiling and installation.


(Under construction) Included below are a few executables. Please let me know of any that do not work. To install, simply rename the file to 'dvii.exe' (under DOS or Windows) or 'dvii' (under Unix) and place somewhere in your PATH.

Note. Some of the executables have been supplied by others and have not been tested by me; those are marked with a *.

Perl scripts

These Perl scripts use dvii as a backend to accomplish various useful tasks. More information on these utilities can be found in the appendix to the dvii manual.

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